Sparkling Dream Catcher Bracelet Set

Sparkling Dream Catcher Bracelet Set

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This set includes: 1. Start your own Pandora story with this smooth polished 925 silver snake bone chain. With a variety of styles, it is the ideal "canvas" for your creativity. Can be worn with a charm or on its own, simple and understated, or layered with contrasting bracelets for a fun twist. 2. You can use Pandora Moments bracelets to show complex feelings or send good wishes. Our 925 silver pendant is inspired by the Native American lucky charm. We hope that with its beautiful and beautiful feathers, it can help you dispel your nightmares and bring you good dreams. Maybe it doesn't have to be a dream, but we promise to bring a sweet testimonial, it can make everyone who has a dream fall in love at first sight. 3. Add a touch of color to every day with this sparkling Pavé logo clip. The charm is engraved with the Pandora logo on a raised center ring, beaded on each side with a row of clear cubic zirconia stones, made of 925 silver, hand-finished. Sophisticated and versatile, it's perfect for any season or occasion. Sparkling pavé, carved hearts and angular edges - the details are mesmerizing, adding a touch of interest to this classic piece. The clip is equipped with a silicone pad, which does not need to be buckled on the raised part. Can be fastened anywhere on the bracelet.