Sparkling Dream Catcher Bracelet Set

Sparkling Dream Catcher Bracelet Set

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This set includes: 1. Start your own Pandora story with this smooth copper-silver alloy snake bone chain. A variety of styles, this bracelet is the ideal "canvas" for your creativity. It can be worn with pendants and clips or on its own for a minimalist look, or layered with a contrasting bracelet for a fun way to let your imagination run wild! 2. This refined copper-silver alloy charm is inspired by the dream catcher of the native North America, symbolizing catching nightmares and keeping sweet dreams and blessings. The center is decorated with exquisite mesh flowers, and the feather decoration is light and drooping, implying possession. The protective power of the amulet. 3. Brighten up your style with this sparkling Pavé line design logo clip. The charm is engraved with the Pandora logo on a raised central ring, beaded on each side with a row of clear cubic zirconia stones and edged with microbeads, in copper-silver alloy. Sophisticated and versatile, it's perfect for any season or occasion. Sparkling pavé, carved hearts and angular edges are classic and gorgeous to complement any look. The clip is equipped with a silicone pad, which does not need to be buckled on the raised part. Can be fastened anywhere on the bracelet.